23- What does Enouvation do to make sure my Power Pack is of the highest quality?

Enouvation Power Packs go through extensive testing for quality and safety prior to receiving their unique serial ID #. Additionally, every pack we send out is sealed after testing and is tamper evident as a result. All packs shipped from Enouvation are new. Used packs are never resold, nor do we offer any refurbishment programs.

We take great pride in the quality product we deliver and our extremely high customer satisfaction rating when our products are used with furniture absent of constant drawing features. Like any battery, our Power Packs have a natural self-consumption rate. Depending on the composition, this rate will vary greatly. An Enouvation Power Pack that is fully charged and properly stored will retain power for more than 6 months. We recommend, per our instructions, to recharge the pack every 6 months if not connected to furniture. Remember the Power Pack is designed to operate the motors only and not to power additional features.

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