24- Why is my Power Pack is not holding or taking a charge?

Most cases regarding a pack not working directly relates to the furniture the Power Pack was connected to. Enouvation offers free system analyses to thoroughly assess each users’ specific system. The goal: create a positive consumer experience and ensure you have the right power pack for your needs. We understand it’s very hard to believe a USB port on furniture you never use can ruin a Power Pack, but it’s true. Furniture manufacturers promote features that sound amazing during the sales pitch but are often unaware these features have constant draws. Enouvation has invested time and resources to understand these features, and as such can offer a free system analysis if you just contact us prior to your purchase. Remember, the Power Pack is designed to operate the motors only. It was not meant to power additional features. Charging a device via a USB port with a Power Pack connected is like opening a recliner 200-300 times every hour a device is charging.

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