21- The salesperson told me I would get months between recharges, why is my pack underperforming?

Enouvation Power Packs have been tested to perform to the published levels of motorized functions. Remember, our packs are designed to operate the motors only, not the additional features. Furniture without constant drawing features will get the full Power Pack capacity to open and close the furniture. If the salesperson understands your furniture, and can confirm it’s absent of constant drawing features, this statement would be true. Enouvation’s goal is to provide the user months between recharges. Enouvation offers extensive training to our retail partners, and pride ourselves on the level of education we provide. Unfortunately, due to factors beyond anyone’s control, retail outlets are experiencing a higher than typical sales associate turnover.

If you find the need to recharge frequently or find the time between charges gets shorter over time, your furniture more than likely has constant drawing features. Our customer service team is here to assist you. In most cases we have a solution or can assist with a custom recharging regimen.

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