20- My pack shows 4 green lights, why won’t it power my furniture?

If this is the first time the pack is being connected to the furniture, confirm it’s being connected to the correct furniture connection. Also, see above “Why is my Power Pack no longer charging?”.

If a pack has been discharged, the power reserve may have been consumed dropping the pack below its functional range resulting in terminal shutdown. While this isn’t common; once the pack reaches terminal shutdown the pack will no longer recharge. A constant draw from the furniture may cause the Power Pack LED lights to malfunction and yield inaccurate display readings. In most cases, a pack will show a red light only, but depending on the situation you can experience a false reading as explained above. If you have attempted to recharge a pack for up to 24 hours using a confirmed powered outlet and the pack will not power the furniture, it is likely the pack has entered terminal shutdown. The pack will no longer recharge once in this state. This is a safety feature preventing a severely depleted pack from recharging. Contact us for assistance with properly recycling the Power Pack.

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