09- Where can I place my Power Pack once connected to my furniture?

Keep the Power Pack and wiring clear of moving parts under your furniture. DO NOT CRUSH THE POWER PACK. DISCONTINUE USE IMMEDIATELY IF PACK OR WIRING ARE COMPROMISED IN ANY WAY. CONTINUED USE OF DAMAGED PRODUCT POSES MAJOR SAFETY RISK. Contact us for further instructions if your pack has been damaged.

In most cases, the lead wiring from the motor has sufficient length to connect the Power Pack, allowing it to rest clear of all moving parts. This wiring is usually bound with a zip tie or other means securing the excess wiring to the furniture framing. If this is not the case, we highly recommend using an ā€œeā€ Extension Cable with all Power Packs as it adds 6.5 feet of flexibility for placement. ā€œeā€ cables are available for purchase in our online store here.

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