25- Why is my Entelligent Power Pack not showing it is fully charged (4 solid LEDs)?

When your Enouvation Power Pack is finished charging, all 4 LEDs will remain solid. If you have just purchased a new Entelligent series Power Pack, you may notice the 4th light will not remain solid after the initial charge. This is not unusual for the first 3-4 full charge/discharge cycles. The Entelligent series uses proprietary technology to calculate its current state of charge and with normal use will calibrate to your seating based on the specific power needs it has. After this calibration period completes, you will see all 4 LEDs solid when the pack is fully charged. An E10 is considered at full charge and ready for its initial use at approximately 28.5v-29v (visible in the Entelligent App).

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