14- Why is a red LED light flashing on my Power Pack?

While recharging:

The pack was depleted below the interactive low power alert level. Depending on the pack model, the flashing red light may also be accompanied by an audible beep. The red light and beeping will turn off during recharging when the power is restored above the interactive low power alert level.


The pack has been severely discharged below the hard shutdown level and the pack has entered terminal shutdown. The pack will no longer recharge once in this state. This is a safety feature preventing a severely depleted pack from recharging. Contact us for assistance with properly recycling the Power Pack.

While in use:

The pack has entered interactive low power level and will need to be recharged.

If a pack was just recharged, and the red light flashes with the buzzer sounding, more than likely the pack has been put in demo mode. The LED light indicator button does not need to be pressed after recharging. If the LED light indicator is pressed and held for 3-5 seconds the pack will enter demo mode. To clear demo mode, disconnect pack from furniture, and connect to the charger. Once a green light begins to blink, the pack has been reset and demo mode will be turned off.

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