Warranty Claims

Enouvation offers a limited warranty to the original purchaser on products purchased through the Enouvation.com website and from authorized retailers only. The limited warranty covers manufacturing defects in materials or workmanship for a period of one (1) year after the purchase date. To begin a service request, contact us here.

Any of the following will void the limited warranty:

  • Any purchase of a product from a third-party seller not authorized by Enouvation. This may include, but is not limited to, secondary sales and sales through online marketplaces such as eBay or Facebook Marketplace
  • Any purchase through liquidation or similar sales or for products sold “as is”
  • Non-residential use, such as industrial, commercial, institutional, or rental use
  • Improper maintenance or cleaning
  • Improper, abnormal, abusive, or extraordinary use, or improper wiring
  • Any use not in accordance with the product instructions
  • Use of any power source other than provided Enouvation Charger for recharging
  • Use of Power Pack(s) outside intended purpose of powering power drive for low voltage (29.4v) power motion furniture
  • Use of Power Pack(s) on furniture containing systems that constantly draw power including but not limited to touch sensors, USB ports, lighted cup holders, buttons, or wands unless used in conjunction with Enouvation Power Saver device(s) where applicable
  • Any damage to pack or wiring, whether intentional or accidental**
  • Damage caused from modification or technical adjustments to the product**
  • Damage caused from excess moisture, power surges, or other natural occurrences**

Enouvation will evaluate all warranty claims and determine the validity of such claims in its sole discretion. Proof of purchase and registration at www.enouvation.com will be required to validate warranty. In the event a product is requested to be returned for additional inspection, Enouvation will provide a RMA and customer will ship the product to Enouvation at customer’s expense. In certain cases, additional identification labels may be required for your shipment, and will be provided as needed.

If Enouvation determines that the warranty claim is valid, Enouvation will replace the defective product.

**Discontinue use immediately if pack is compromised in any way. Continued use of damaged product poses major safety risk.