Why is my Power Pack not charging?

If your Power Pack does not appear to be charging, see below troubleshooting tips:

Check. Are any lights solid?
Yes. All 4 lights are solid.
Power Pack is at a full charge and does not require further charging.

No. Green or Blue light is blinking.
Power Pack is charging. LEDs will soon become solid when at a full charge.

Switch. Has charger been tested in multiple different wall outlets?
Yes. Different outlets have been tested.
See above check, or below, verify step.
If the issue persists, contact us.

No. Only 1 outlet has been tested.
Outlets can sometimes burn out. Always test in multiple outlets in various locations.

Verify. Does your model have a low power buzzer alert?
Yes. A low power alert is audible.
Power save shut off was activated to protect Power Pack. LEDs will not be visible in power save. Leave on the charger for 8 minutes while buzzer sounds. When 10% capacity is restored, buzzing stops and charging will resume as normal.

No. A low power alert is not audible.
See the above check, and switch step to the troubleshoot.
If the issue persists, contact us.

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